Brand of clothing created in 1960 as a small fashion house for outerwear. The company was established by a certain Mr. Fay to satisfy the working needs of fishermen in the state of Maine. The only garment in production was a work jacket with four hooks. The Della Valle Group took over the brand in 1986, giving the company its own style and strategy, resulting in an immediate increase in production and sales. During the 1990s, the classic four-hook jacket was accompanied by the Travel jacket, the Motor jacket, the Double coat, and the Manhattan jacket. Today, the company, which is considered “the Italian Burberry,” produces jackets inspired by those of New York’s firemen, trousers and jackets for men, and women’s clothing and bags, always with an emphasis on functionality and practicality, and always in an elegant style. In mid November 2002 the first Fay boutique was opened on via della Spiga in Milan. It was designed by the American architect Philip Johnson.