Marina (1951). Journalist and editor of Donna. She was born in Gallarate, near Varese. She began her career in 1972 while still quite young, as a coordinator and assistant for the Fashion Committee of Clothing Entrepreneurs in Milan. Immediately, the following year, she was discovered by Condé Nast and hired as an editor at Vogue Italy, a position very much sought after by all young reporters, in a place where all the women journalists were known for being particularly attractive, elegant, blonde, and beautiful. She remained at Condé Nast until 1978 when she was hired to do special features at Linea Italiana (Mondadori), where she would stay until 1983. She is one of the few journalists who has had an interesting professional path, both in specialized magazines and in television, where she hosted a fashion program, Pianeta Moda (Planet Fashion) on Telemontecarlo. From 1983 to ’88 she worked at RAI as an anchorwoman and journalist on the TV program Moda (Fashion). From 1990 to ’95 she was a writer and fashion consultant for programs and special events broadcast by RAI 1. In the same period she was deputy editor of the magazine Moda, published by ERI-RAI. In 1995 she was hired by Vera Montanari, editor of Gioia, first as deputy editor for fashion and then as co-editor.