Women’s monthly magazine established in Milan in 1980 by Flavio Lucchini and his wife Gisella Borioli, who for a long time held the positions of managing editor and director, respectively. Carried along on the tide of the Made in Italy movement, Donna’s originality lay in its contrast with traditional women’s magazines, offering an image of fashion as a social phenomenon, comparable in some ways to industrial design. It launched great Italian photographers such as Ferri, Toscani, and Gastel. It promoted several fashion phenomena and “discovered” Japanese design, as well as new Italian talent such as Dolce & Gabbana. The feminine model it suggested opened the way for a type of woman linked more to the reality of everyday life and less to the images of beauty and elegance in the glossy magazines. In 1998, the Rusconi group relaunched the monthly, entrusting the graphic layout to the head art director, Gianni Brancaccio, the editorial management to Vera Montanari, and the editorial supervision to Marina Fausti. In 1999, the Rusconi group was acquired by Hachette. The management was entrusted to Daria Bignardi.