Mame Denny Rose

Denny Rose


Denny Rose is an Italian fashion house founded in Carpi, near Modena.

The brand is dedicated only for youngsters. The style is very personal and Denny Rose offers modern and sexy fashion at an affordable price. The Denny Rose brand is currently dedicated in three lines: Denny Rose, the main line, Denny Rose Lady, the more elegant and sophisticated line, and Denny Rose Young Girl, which is for children and teenagers.

Furthermore, Denny Rose also launched a line of knitwear, which is much appreciated. The knitwear is made of lamb’s wool or angora.

Mame Denny Rose
Spring 2018 collection of Denny Rose.
Mame Denny Rose
Summer 2018 collection of Denny Rose.


Denny Rose offers modern and sexy fashion for women in a very personal style. Denny Rose is the ideal brand for those who love to dress every day in an organized and individual way. Their garments can be easily matched according to personal taste and situation, whether your requirements are for fancy or simple, day or night, or a sexy or classic look.

Denny Rose is the ideal brand for those, who love to dress every day in organized and sexy jeans with appliques, decorated top, full cut tight, short and long dresses, that are suitable for the day and evening. The garments, can be matched according to the personal taste, fancy of simple, classic, sexy of trendy, as you want to get a look.

Mame Denny Rose
Stefano Bonacini the patron of Gaudi Trade, the company that owns Denny Rose.

Current Situation

 Denny Rose’s 2013 turnover amounted to 32 million euros. The Carpigian company Gaudì Trade, that bears the homonymous Gaudì man-woman and child brand, as well as the Denny Rose and Almagores brands dedicated to the women’s fashion, closed 2016 with a 15% increase in sales, both in Italy, which weighs 60% on results, and abroad. The company’s patron is Stefano Bonacini.