De Ribes

Jacqueline De Ribes (Jacqueline de Beaumont, ca. 1930). French designer. When still in school, between 15 and 17, she was appointed artistic director of the shows at the end of the school year. At the age of 17, she married the Viscount de Ribes, a rich banker and successful man. Then, at 22, she joined the list of the most elegant women of the world. In 1983, she designed a luxury line, After Five, that was launched in the U.S. by Saks Fifth Avenue and is especially remembered for the sumptuousness of the cocktail dresses and the aristocratic elegance of the evening outfits. In 1988, management of the brand was entrusted to the Japanese group Kanebo, which opened a Jacqueline de Ribes boutique in Paris. The firm would last until 1994, when the noble lady, due to health problems, was forced to retire.