Dé d’Or

The Golden Thimble is the French high fashion award created in 1976 by the journalist Pierre Yves Guillen. Until January 1994, it was given twice a year, at the end of every Collection. Among the winners have been Madame Grés (July 1976), Cardin (January 1977, January 1979), Givenchy (July 1978), Ungaro (January 1980, July 1981), Laroche (July 1985), Lacroix (January 1986 and January 1988), Lagerfeld for Chanel (July 1986), Ferré for Dior (July 1989), Rabanne (January 1990), and Montana for Lanvin (July 1990 and January 1991). Since 1993 it has been called Dé d’Or Européen de la Mode and in July 1993 was given to Lauren. In 1994 it was given to Mortensen for Scherrer.