Davide Cenci

Boutique in Rome that is a symbol of male elegance, established by Davide Cenci in 1926, with a shop for custom-made shirts on via Campo Marzio. Benedetto Croce was one of the first clients. The philosopher would request soft collars with a low neckband in order to feel comfortable while bent over his books. Sixty years later, a frequent customer at the salon on via Campo Marzio would be Sandro Pertini, president of Italy. Cenci was one of the first to offer ties cut from a roll of fabric chosen by the customer. He also launched the raincoat Watro, which was particularly lightweight. Since 1947, the boutique has had a women’s department, offering mainly tailored suits and cashmere sweaters. A constant feature is the firm’s attention to British fashion, both traditional and casual. During the 1980s, the third generation of the family brought the firm to New York, opening a showroom on Madison Avenue. Starting in 1992, they offered a Davide Cenci line specialized in shirts, jackets, and coats. A boutique was also opened in Milan, on via Manzoni.