Cosmopolitan was born in the USA in 1886, published by Hearst Corporation. Initially conceived as a magazine dedicated to families, Cosmopolitan has built up a very specific image over time. A magazine that caters to independent and ambitious young women who don’t want to be just mothers, wives or daughters. In its pages, fashion, beauty and sexuality are freely discussed. Significantly, with great humor and originality, all dealt with in a bold and at times irreverent language. Starting from the 1970s, the monthly introduced the topic of gender equality, thus entering the great feminist debate.

Cosmpolitan 1950

It is under the guidance of Helen Gurley Brown, author who shocked America in 1962 with her book Sex & the single girl , that Cosmopolitan reached the pinnacle of success. Director from 1965 to 1997, Mrs Brown, she addressed issues related to the world of sexuality for the first time. Noyably, helping to destroy several taboos rooted in the society of that time.

Helen Gurley Brown


The Italian version of Cosmopolitan made its debut in 1973, in the wake of the American Cosmo. Initially born as a twinning with Arianna, Mondadori’s women’s magazine directed by Lamberto Sechi, it was published by Della Schiava Editore under the direction of Franco Nencini. In the first issue, the Director addressed his readers in a confidential tone, explaining the purpose of the new project. Fun, Fearless, Female, the three words that still describe the magazine’s DNA today.

Cosmopolitan Italy

In 1996 the publications were interrupted until, in 2000, Cosmopolitan was reborn thanks to Mondadori (from 2011 it will again pass under the control of Hearst Magazine). The mood is always the same, the same target and the same spirit for the women’s magazine that continues to talk about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and sexuality.

From 2010 to 2013 Annalisa Monfreda directs Cosmopolitan, followed by Francesca Delogu who will hold the position of director until July 2021. Following a reorganization of Hearst due to the pandemic, Massimo Russo will take over from Delogu. Former director of Esquire, and now also of Elle and Marie Claire, Russo will lead the new Cosmopolitan course, increasingly oriented towards digital and with only six printed issues per year.




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