Manufacturer of bags and leather goods, established in Parma in 1978 by Giacomo Mazzieri. In 1995 the firm opened its first single-brand store on via Statuto, in Milan. In that same year there were already 80 employees. In 1997 the brand expanded and in Germany the firm established Coccinelle Deutschland GmbH in order to manage showrooms in Hamburg, Munich, and Düsseldorf. In 1998 the product range widened to include sunglasses, watches, jewellery, and shoes. In 2000 Coccinelle started on the path to internationalization, and by the following year there were 27 single-brand stores (Paris, London, and Berlin included) and 1,300 multi-brand points-of-sale, with a foreign turnover that was 30% of the total. Today, Coccinelle has 150 employees and 400 outside associates. A clean style without excess characterizes the brand. There are four Collections per year, with a range of more than 500 articles per Collection.”