Coccinelle: leading Italian brand in the “accessible luxury” bags and accessories sector

Founded by Giacomo Mazzieri in 1978 in Sala Baganza, in the province of Parma, where it still has its headquarters today, Coccinelle is one of the leading Italian brands in the “accessible luxury” bags and accessories sector.

With an exclusively Made in Italy design and style, Coccinelle has a strong bond with the companies of the fashion supply chain in the Parma district. A relationship established in more than 30 years of activity with local suppliers. The development of the products took place in the Parma office: the style, the choice of materials and the entire creative process are Made in Italy.

Campagna autunno/inverno 2021/22

Coccinelle among changes and development

In 2012 Coccinelle joined the Korean multinational E.Land. The CEO and President remained Angelo Mazzieri, son of the founder of the Brand. In 2016 Mazzieri left the Company. After two Italian CEOs, in 2019 the first Korean CEO of the E.Land Group was appointed.

The brand produced 2 collections a year, of which bags represent the core business. Small leather goods, belts, bijoux and fashion accessories such as gloves, scarves, scarves and hats are added to these with the aim of offering customers a Coccinelle “total look”.

Flagship Store di Coccinelle in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Milano

In continuous growth, the Emilian brand distributes its products all over the world. In addition to Italy, which represents 45% of turnover, the Italian brand is mainly present in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Russia. Currently there are 125 Coccinelle stores and the collections are present in about a thousand multi-brand stores. In the future of the brand there is certainly the expansion of distribution in Asia.

It’s currently present in the cities of Tokyo, Bangkok and Shanghai. Each location represents an opportunity for direct dialogue with customers, an aspect that has always been of extreme importance and value for Coccinelle.

The Coccinelle philosophy

Coccinelle’s philosophy has always been to focus on innovation, the careful study of materials, care in the process of making the product and a correct style/quality/price ratio. The goal is in fact to give the women who choose a Coccinelle bag or accessory a quality product with fashion contents. An accessory that covers the various occasions of use: the product range in fact varies from the day bag to the evening clutch bag to the briefcase.

An important novelty for the Italian brand is the opening of an all-female meeting place. In fact, Coccinelle’s essence came to life in the new Flagship store “La Pasticceria Coccinelle”, opened in Milan in 2019 in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, the Coccinelle Flagship store became a perfect place for celebration, pleasure and joy, through the pastel pink and green shades that colour its surfaces. The store’s concept visually represents the Coccinelle woman: avant-garde, modern, open and safe towards life.

Coccinelle: style icon

Mariacarla Boscono per Coccinelle, campagna autunno/inverno 2016/17

Coccinelle has been able to build an identity around its company, providing some of the most iconic bags of the last 20 years.

One of the first icon bags is the “Celeste” with the unmistakable inverted “C” shaped closure.

The B14 is the result of a skilful mastery. Characterized by an iconic closure with a triangular flap, the B14 has a simple and linear design that leaves room for colour and materials, with chrome-plated metal details in an elegant gold colour. The key to its success is a versatile design, destined to be worn by lovers of a simple but refined and classy style at the same time. The perfect combination of fashion and tradition for an unmistakable identity. 

B14 Bag

“Arlettis” also represents an unforgettable icon bag for the brand. With a C closure, Arlettis is a true declaration of uniqueness. Inspired by the great actress Arletty, from whom it takes its name, Arlettis tells the story of an ironic, free and seductive woman with a strong character.

Arlettis Bag, campagna autunno/inverno 2015/16

“Ambrine” stands out for the elegant closure, that reminds the crescent symbol of Coccinelle. The details and the double wearability, by hand and shoulder, make the bags of this line trendy and feminine

Borsa Ambrine, campagna autunno/inverno 2018/19

“Coccinelle Beat” is the new icon bag. The line is characterized by a plectrum-shaped closure, an elegant detail applied on different shapes. A casual style that tells a timeless elegance. 

Coccinelle Beat, campagna primavera/estate 2021

Special projects

Goodie Bag

Among the company’s special projects, it’s worth mentioning the Goodie Bag, an “ethic” bag that the brand launched in 2007 in collaboration with Fondazione Francesca Rava – N.P.H. Italia Onlus. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this bag helped to finance several initiatives aimed at helping especially children in poor Haiti. The Goodie Bag project represents a message of hope and help. A concrete gesture by a company that has always stood out for its attention to social and solidarity issues.

Coccinelle and Eataly

In 2020 Coccinelle decided to collaborate with the well-known Italian food chain Eataly. The two brands promote the typical Italian way of life, a lifestyle made of attention to detail and care of raw materials. A limited edition shopping bag was born from this union, presented at Eataly Milano Smeraldo from the 7th to the 15th of October 2020. A canvas bag with double shoulder strap is the sign of refinement and essential comfort that conveys the message for Italian families by the two giants. 

Coccinelle e Eataly

Say it With Flowers

For the spring/summer 2021 collection, the brand launched the project “Say it With Flowers”. The protagonists are the Garconne buckets, pieces that have become unique thanks to a hand-painted monogram with refined leaf shoots and a bouquet of wildflowers, a small, precious foundation of happiness, an alphabet in bloom, a romantic but contemporary gesture, a tribute to mother nature, in line with the values of the Coccinelle community.

Say it With Flowers collection

Coccinelle for Barbie

In September 2021 Coccinelle launched a project in collaboration with Barbie™. The project’s message was “The future is limitless”, to promote a dimension free from stereotypes where barriers fall, differences are celebrated, natural beauty is encouraged. Where inclusivity and self-acceptance are winning.

Coccinelle for Barbie™

Values that are perfectly embodied by Barbie™, the most famous fashion doll in the world, much more than a toy, which are at the origin of the international project Coccinelle for Barbie ™. As a result of the collaboration a nylon canvas bag was created, with leather handles to celebrate the Italian artisan tradition and the grosgrain ribbon as a declaration of conscious femininity.

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