Claudio La Viola

Claudio La Viola

Claudio La Viola
La Viola’s interior design

Claudio La Viola (1948) is an Italian designer of fashion and interior décor. Born in Milan, he started his career in the 1970s/80s with a men’s boutique, where he offered classic garments, though with new cuts and proportions. At present he is mainly involved with the design of articles of interior décor and accessories.

La Viola’s passion for high-tech houses derives from practical reasons: the opportunity of changing and evolving our houses, according to our needs. “With traditional systems” the architect explains, “we lived in irreversible conditions. Meanwhile, with contemporary home automation systems, it is possible to modify and update the most different scenarios with simple acts, and that strongly weighs on spaces”.

The Vocal Commands

Vocal commands, for example, are more and more widespread. Nowadays, with the simple use of a smart speaker, it is possible to manage the house illumination, the compatible electric appliance, temperatures and energy consumptions, audio and the whole house accesses security. It is also possible to plan different scenarios according to the daily moments or to longer periods of time.

Our houses become entertainment spaces where maximum flexibility is required: from studio to living room and entertainment room, from bedroom to studio room, from sitting room to office. A room dedicated to reading time that can change its function simply by redesign the light.

Home Automation Devices

The home automation devices and the interfaces are testing a new language, no longer futuristic. “I am taking it to the extreme, but in a house like those designed by Renzo Mongiardino” La Viola states, “switches and plates IoT would have their own raison d’etre. It is right that they keep their identity, which coexists with the aesthetics of the place that host them. Museums are the example: the most advanced and sophisticated technologies live in historical sites, perfectly coexisting. Technology is not invasive,”.

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