Leading Belgian textile group that produces, amongst other things, fabrics for clothing. The labels Pierre Balmain, Prélude, and Robert le Héros are some of the many that have found a profitable partnership with the group.

Umberto Severi

Label and name of the founder of the Tesam Group, protagonist of the prestigious and perhaps most unique entrepreneurial story of the Carpi knitwear district. In the 1970s the group went from being the biggest exporter of clothing to the biggest importer thanks to the first Italian joint ventures with nascent groups from the Far and Middle East and Mauritius. A total of 12 companies — representing spinning mills, dye-works, knitwear factories and support industries — with over 2,000 employees, a design research team, a studio-lab monitoring fashion trends, and constant technological innovations in their production processes, all built up over thirty years or so, has become the jewel in the crown of the multitalented businessmen of Carpi. This is particularly due to the personality of Umberto Severi, an astute businessman but also a passionate art collector: he has works ranging from the 15th to 20th centuries, statues by Pomodoro, and Lalique crystalware, collected under the banner of the Severi Foundation. When the Tesam Group’s spinning mills, knitwear factories, and dye-works closed down at the beginning of the 1990s, many works of art and Umberto Severi’s residence, the Palazzo Foresti, had already been donated to the municipality of Carpi.