Eugenio (1933-1987). Italian couturier. He debuted in 1964 in Urbisaglia, near Macerata, and in the course of a few years he created the menswear line Urbis. In 1980, management of the company was taken over by his daughtger Fiorella. Beginning in 1990, in less than a decade, the company tripled its sales, producing men’s and women’s ready-to-wear fashion and couture Collections.
&Quad;2001. It acquired the label Regent.
&Quad;2002, January. Five-year agreement with IT Holding to produce and distribute the Collections Romeo Gigli and Gigli.
&Quad;2002, June. Agreement with Antonio Fusco, for which Tombolini produces and distributes worldwide the menswear Collection of the Milanese maison. This is a three-year agreement that began with the Spring-Summer 2003 Collection. The total volume expected, by the end of the three-year period, was some 10 million Euros. Fiorella Tombolini, chairman and managing director, stated that in reality this is a partnership, given the long-term working relationship with Fusco, which in any case maintains design control. The company’s turnover, at the end of 2002, was 60 million Euros.
&Quad;2003, June. Confermation of rumors of negotiations underway for a possible licensing agreement with Maurizio Galante. The license is for both men’s and women’s prêt-à-porter.


From the Persian, “taftah.” One of the loveliest silk fabrics, with a tight, almost rigid structure, a brilliant and luminous appearance, rustling at every slightest movement. The iridescent luminous sheen of taffeta is a result of warp and weft in different colors. It is also made with artificial and synthetic fibers.

Tricotage Zimmerli

Swiss manufacturer of women’s underwear and corsetry, founded in 1890. Toward the 1920s del, the company had four factories in Friburg and Aarburg (Germany), and at Montebeliard and St Quentin (France), with a total of 1,250 employees. It had stores of its own in New York, London, Paris, and Buenos Aires. It survived its owner, (name of Zimmerli), who died in 1928.