Alberto (1928-2001). Cuban photographer whose real name was Diaz Gutièrrez. Very famous for being the official photographer of Fidel Castro since 1959, as well as for taking the most celebrated picture of Che Guevara and being the main correspondent of the newspaper Revolucion. Korda started his career in 1956 opening a studio of commercial, fashion and advertising photography in Havana, in which his work was dominated by the American style. His activity as a photographic reporter was always accompanied by commercial works for Cuba Export, Contex, and Cuba Moda.

Kata Zone

An artisan’s technique of Japanese printing created with small wooden molds. It was very successful in the West in the late nineteenth century and was reproposed by designers such as Kenzo and Kawakubo.


German hosiery company, the European market leader. It produces the brands Hudson, Kunert, and Silkona. In 1990 it started an acquisition strategy, beginning with Burlington. The group also owns a jeans line. It employs 4,000 people.

Kobe Fashion Museum

This is the first Japanese museum entirely dedicated to fashion. The Western clothing industry came into being with the arrival of the first foreign ships when Kobe’s harbor was opened in 1868. This met with the demands of European and American traders, but also with the Japanese themselves, who were looking towards modernity. In constant growth during the twentieth century, Kobe was nominated the Japanese Fashion City in 1973. The purpose of the museum is to record the development of this local industry. The museum’s Research Center offers help to designers and operators through courses, access to sophisticated computers, and a library. The center systematically collects examples of the local textile production. The museum’s main Collections include European clothes and accessories from the 18th century to the present day, ceremonial costumes made using traditional manufacturing techniques, sailing clothes, jacquard and fabrics, and American and European prints. There’s a large audiovisual department and a Collection of original fashion photos. Officially opened in 1997, this very modern museum hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions.