Lee Houng. Korean designer. She is the most renowned couturier of hanbo°k, a traditional garment that she creates using very light silks. In 1977 she opened her first store. Four years later, she made her debut with a private exhibition at the Shila Hotel of Seoul, one of the most luxurious establishments in town. She is actively involved in the development of relationships between the North and South Korea. In 1991 she received an acknowledgment for her work from the Minister of Culture. In 1992 she participated in the ready-to-wear week at Paris for the first time. In 1997 she opened her headquarters in Paris and continues to present her Collections in the French capital.


Daniela (1954). Journalist. She was the first woman in Italy to manage a news magazine. From March 2002, she has been in charge of L’Espresso, an established magazine about news, politics, and economics. In May 1996 she conceived and directed D-la Repubblica delle Donne, the women’s weekly supplement to la Repubblica. Her entire career has been spent in the field of women’s magazines. In 1979 she started at Annabella. In 1980 she was hired by Bella, where she stayed until 1986, when she moved to the Mondadori publication, Centro Cose Energy. She moved up the editorial hierarchy until 1995 when she became the manager.

H & M. Rayne

English shoe brand. Roger Vivier was among its collaborators who manufactured shoes for Dior and Marks & Spencer. Edward Rayne took the firm, which he inherited from his parents, to the top of the British and American markets. Established in 1889 by his grandfathers for the production of theater shoes, the brand was linked to Delman for a short period. It was then acquired by the most important English distribution chains.

Herrera y Ollero

Spanish brand. Established in Madrid in 1945 by Rafael Herrera (1925) and Enrique Ollero (1926), they were very skilled in artisan business as they were both sons of tailors. Their fashion intelligently drew inspiration from France, filtering its trends and adjusting them to the costume of Madrid society.


Scott (1976). English designer. He launched his own brand after completing his fashion studies in the late 1990s. After his initial success, he incurred financial problems and lost the brand. In 2002, thanks to a new Japanese sponsor, he was successful in buying back his brand and in starting the business again. He maintains his former passion for knitwear. His very short and sexy cobweb dress was worn by the actress Jodie Kidd at the English première of the film, Spiderman. His most recent line is a combination of British style and a sense of humor. He has 15 single brand stores in Japan and his fashions are sold in many department stores and boutiques around the world.

Henry W. Bendel

A legend in the American women’s fashion sector. In 1896 Henry W. Bendel, who combined creativity with a talent for business, opened a store influenced by European tastes in New York. Its interior was French in design and in its clothing proposals. Bendel became so famous that he was hired as one of the permanent collaborators for Harper’s Bazaar. Every season he designed a Collection of his own as well as importing the most current fashions from Paris. After the Second World War, he even converted his American colleagues into designers. Since 1991 the boutique has been located in Fifth Avenue in an old building of the 1920-30s, with Art Deco windows.


Frank (1928). Italian photographer naturalized French. Born in Abbazia (a town that now belongs to Croatia), he moved to Milan when he was very young. There he studied drawing at the Brera Academy and worked as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. In 1951 he encountered photography through reportage of a pilgrimage in Southern Italy. He then moved to Paris where he met Robert Capa and Henry Cartier–Bresson, who encouraged him to continue with photography. After selling his first work sold to Epoca, he traveled as a photo-reporter through India, Europe, and the USA, publishing his work in Paris Match, Picture Post, and Life. In the second half of the 1950s, he became interested in the world of fashion. He approached it with a fresh and dynamic style, deliberately contaminating the static reportage style, which characterized fashion photography up until that point. His black and white pictures featured refined backgrounds, in which elegance dominated with a light touch. Jacques Moutin, artistic director of Jardin des Modes, offered him a collaboration. Since then Horvat has also been published in Glamour, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, and Vogue. Starting in the 1970s, he became interested in digital techniques with which he constructed highly fanciful images (from the fairytale Puss in Boots to Virtual Beast where he set exotic animals in the urban background of Paris) as expressly ‘disconnected from the time-space relationship’. He lives and works in France.


French fragrance company. Established in 1775 by Jean-Franµois Houbigant in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The first shop’s sign had the indicative name: A la corbeille des fleurs, and it seems that Marie Antoinette visited it personally. Since then the company has always served the royal families. It created the Windsor soap in tuberose-scented almond paste and an ox-marrow cream for Queen Victoria. In 1829 it expanded to an international level. In 1870 the company served Napoleon III. In 1880 it changed its location to Neully. Fougère Royale was the favorite essence of Maupassant. The company’s fragrances were also famous in Russia at the Czar’s court. Several essence were invented for Alexander III from the Cologne Impériale Russe to the Bouquet de la Tsarina. At the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1900, the firm had huge success with the Parfum Idéal. During the 1920s, a branch was opened in New York and two more boutiques in Paris. During the Second World War, it refused to use substitutes for natural products and, as a result, its production was limited. In the 1970s, laboratories and offices were also opened in the USA in New Jersey. New fragrances were created, such as the famous Rose is a Rose and Quelques Fleurs. Today the firm still ranks as number 40 in the world.