Boselli, Mario

Marioboselli is an italian textile company, the only one in Europe to oversee the entire silk manufacturing process: spinning, twisting, weaving, dyeing the thread as well as the finished fabric, printing, and packaging.

It was founded in Garbagnate Monastero by Mario Boselli, at the same time as the arrival of silk, 400 years ago. He was born in 1941 in Como and he graduated in economics at Bocconi University in Milan. He began his career in 1959 carrying on the family business; a company with an ancient silk tradition, the Carlo Boselli, with roots in the distant 1586.

mario boselli
Mario Boselli

The company

The headquarters are still located there though the firm now has 7 factories. Marioboselli Jersey became known internationally when it created its interlock jerseys for designs by Emilio Pucci. Marioboselli Yarns was founded to produce twisted silks for weaving and currently but it also creates yarns and knitted fabrics in viscose, crêpe, and stretch.

On average, the Group has a turnover of 115 billion lire comprised of 56% yarns and 44% textiles. It is made up of Marioboselli Yarns (two factories for air texturized twisted yarns, artificial and synthetic yarns and fibers), Nobiltez (twisted yarns for technical, industrial use), Silk 2000 (special silk yarns, both pure and mixed: crêpe, figured and chiné), and Cofrika Silk (yarn and fabric dyed and printed, made of silk and artificial and synthetic silk-type fibers).

At the beginning of 1999, a group venture was launched with the firm Chemlon of the Nylstar Group, with an operating base in Eastern Europe. The project was called Twista and the factories in Hummené in Slovakia replicate the products of the Italian brands represented by Marioboselli.
Mario Boselli, president of the National Chamber of Fashion, was awarded the Legion of Honour.

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