boessert schorn

Boessert Schorn

Boessert Schorn is a German fashion brand, founded in 2006 in Berlin by Sonia Boessert and Brigitte Schorn.

The history of the brand

Fashion designers met at Burg Giebichenstein University for Art and Design and decided to partner and create a fashion label. Their success arrived quickly: their first collection, indeed, earned them a qualification at prestigious Hyères Festival International de Mode et de Photographie; moreover, since 2008 they have presented their collections in showrooms in Paris and Tokyo.

In 2010 Schorn left the duo, leaving Sonia Boessert alone: since then, she has managed both Creative Direction and business management.

Boessert Schorn style

Boessert Schorn

Boessert Schorn style is defined by the coexistence of old and new, by the ability to mix handcrafting tradition and contemporary materials, in order to create a rude style, a careless nonchalance, without right lines or classical cuts. As a result, you have comfortable items, which represents the perfect combination of design, art and craftsmanship.

Items by Boessert Schorn are characterized by natural materials, better if organic, however always simple and strong. The passion of the fashion designer for non-colors and asymmetries is always clear, as the one for knitwear, which always is a consistent part of every collection.

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