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BasicNet is an Italian company that owns Kappa®, Robe di Kappa®, Jesus® Jeans, Superga®, K-Way®, Sabelt®, Briko® and Sebago®, leading brands in clothing, footwear and accessories. Founded by Marco Boglione, the Turin based entrepreneur on 1st January 1995 and listed on the Italian Stock Exchange on 17th November 1999, BasicNet operates worldwide through a network of entrepreneurs who under license produce or distribute the Group’s branded products. To these, BasicNet provides a series of services and business opportunities.

BasicNet is responsible for all the strategic activities aimed at increasing the intangible value of its brands: research and product development; industrialization of collections; global marketing; development and coordination of the network of licensees, commercial and productive; strategic finance; Information Technology, i.e. the creation of proprietary software and IT platforms for the online management of all supply chain processes. All business processes take place exclusively via the Internet, which makes BasicNet a “fully integrated web company”.

Mame BasicNet
Vista Esterna BasicNet.
Mame BasicNet
Vista Esterna BasicNet.

BasicNet is based in Turin, in the BasicVillage: a 26,000 square meters headquarter in the area of ​​an old factory, converted into offices, residential lofts and spaces open to the public and dedicated to leisure.

The activity of the BasicNet group consists of developing the value of brands and spreading the products connected to them through a global network of licensee companies. This group of companies is called “Network”. Hence the name BasicNet. The network of licensees covers all the most important markets in the world which, to date, amount to over 120.

BasicNet was born after the Football Sport Merchandise of Marco Boglione, established in 1983, took over the bankruptcy auction of October 28, 1994 Maglificio Calzificio Torinese founded in 1916 and its brands Kappa®, Robe di Kappa® and Jesus® Jeans. To these, over the years, were added the K-Way® brand (created in 1965, acquired by BasicNet in 2004), Superga® (born in 1911, acquired in 2007), Sabelt® (born in 1972, acquired in 2011), Briko® (founded in 1985, acquired in 2017) and the American brand Sebago® (born in 1946, acquired on 31st July 2017).

Mame BasicNet
Panoramic view of the headquarter.

Starting from 1 January 1995, with the introduction of a new business model, the transition from the structure of a traditional clothing company to a network business model is made, a necessary prerequisite to allow the internationalization strategy on the global market. The old textile company with a vertical structure is transformed into a modular, innovative, flexible group: a global network of independent entrepreneurs, connected to each other and with the parent company through the Internet.

The centrality of the Web makes BasicNet the first Marketplace in the history of clothing: a virtual meeting and business place for entrepreneurs from all over the world. All the steps in the supply chain take place only on the BasicNet computer platforms: here the manufacturers sell and the distributors purchase the Group’s branded products, which then reach the individual markets. At the parent company, the manufacturing and distribution companies recognize a royalty (or a sourcing commission) on each individual transaction.

Today BasicNet provides direct employment in Italy to 600 people; in the world, an induced amount has been calculated that exceeds 15 thousand units. Aggregate sales of the Group brand products amounted to € 748 million for the year 2017 (source: consolidated financial statements).

In the world, there are 1,262 BasicNet Group stores, of which 199 are in Italy (as of December 31, 2017).