Style of oversize trousers with many pockets and meant to be worn without a belt. It came back in fashion with the triumph of the “comfortable oversize,” which had to allow freedom of movement and, above, all, be practical. It is inspired by the most classic work clothes, as seen in the abundance of pockets, by the rehearsal clothing of dancers, for the freedom of movement they allow, and by the uniforms of prisoners, because they don’t need a belt. But, for recent generations, they are above all the symbol of a way of dressing that is rebellious and very trendy. Also influenced by techno-trend, they are worn very low on the hips in order to allow glimpses of underwear. On the other hand, they were worn very high around the waist by Emilio Tadini, the Milanese painter-writer who, starting in the 1970s, was their standard-bearer&b;.