American vintage

American Vintage

American Vintage is a French brand


American Vintage was born in 2005 when Michael Azoulay, after numerous trips to the United States, decided to launch a line of t-shirts that is basic fashion. Scraped cotton, rounded hems, raw cut for a second skin garment.

In 2007 the first store opened in Marseille followed by many others and by the online store. In 2008 the men’s collection was launched, in 2012 the headquarters won the AMO award for the quality of the workplace. The architecture and the spaces were created by Yvann Pluskwa. In 2013 the line of accessories was launched: bags, backpacks, clutch bags.

2016 was an important year because the sport line came out and in 2017 the loungewear was launched halfway between homewear and underwear. Now the collections are complete: sweatshirts, knitwear, denim, according to a minimal zen style. Its fans include Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sophie Marceau.

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