Akira Maki

Akira Maki

Akira Maki is an American designer of Japanese origin born in 1949, known for creating a balance between creativity and industrial necessity in ready-to-wear fashion.

The designer graduated from Oita University and then he started working with and for Reiko Minami in Tokyo. As American designer who designs ready-made fashion clothes in Japan, Akira is seen in America as a japanes designer who works for the American market. However, he’s neither. After working in Japan, he moves in New York, inspiring by Halston’s work.

After working with Halston until 1981, he creates his own personal business. In this way, he starts to have a dual identity, with, however just a single identity, which combines its western and eastern souls. What combines these two different cultures is the proportion, which shows itslef in supreme elegance.

With the arrival of the new millenium, Akira Maki begins to create avant-garde wedding dresses for Barney’s in New York. Inside the salon, you can also find dresses by Vera Wang, Jil Sander, Christian Lacroix and Geoffrey Beene.

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