An Italian wool producer. In a consortium with another Italian firm and a Peruvian firm.


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Agnona took its name from a village at the foot of Monte Rosa. The company was founded by Francesco Ilorini Mo, who started an adventure concerning thread, fabric, creation of fashion collections that became part of Italian history and culture. Agnona is a women’s luxury brand started in 1953, a leading manufacturer of garments produced with the most exquisite fibers. The signature fabrics of the Maison are Cashmere, Alpaca and Vicuña. Agnona wrote a chapter of the great book of fashion, actively contributing to the prestige of the haute couture during its golden era. Agnona still represents the pinnacle of modern luxury daily-wear, hand crafted in Italy. This masterly skill is an integral and intrinsic part of the brand DNA and its heritage. Outwear has been the cornerstone since the beginning. Draped or fitted, the double yarn, such as Double Cashmere, characterizes the brand is both lightweight and warm.

The New Creative Director, Simon Holloway, embraces its Italian heritage and culture of style that is deeply chic.

In 60’s Agnona becomes a supplier of fine fabrics to many leading international couturiers: Balenciaga, Balmain, Cardin, Courage, Dior, Givenchy, Hermes, and Saint Laurent.

FROM PRECIOUS FABRIC TO PRÊT-À-PORTER, from the yarn to the fabric, from the fabric to the creation and production of fashion collections. Walter Albini is selected to design the Brand’s first collections in the early 70’s.

From the 80’s the Coats and jackets started to be getting better and better and hence they excelled. Agnona continued its textile and tailoring research, and takes the route to Oceania to bring the deluxe wool back to Italy. In 1994 Agnona started its collaboration with the Peruvian Societad de Criadores de Vicuña, to assure the preservation of the breed and received the exclusive rights of production and marketing together with two other members of the International Vicuna Consortium.

Agnona joins the Ermenegildo Zegna group in 1999, the Ermenegildo Zegna Group takes over full control of Agnona, giving it a new impetus, starting collaboration with the most important talents and photographers such as David Sims and Patrick Demarchelier. Talking about the product and brand, Stefano Pilati joins the Group as Creative Director for AGNONA, unveiling in September 2013 his first collection named “AGNONA collezione ZERO”. The designer gives his refined and luxuriousness interpretation. In May 2014, Alessandra Carra is named CEO of AGNONA. She is strategically involved in developing the unique potential of AGNONA as one of the brands leading the luxury worldwide market.


THE EVOLUTION of the Ermenegildo Zegna group since its birth has been tremendous; Simon Holloway was appointed as Artistic Director of the brand, starting from the Fall Winter 2016. He is continuing to evolve the collections from a “product driven” to a “designer driven” approach, into a look that is at once feminine, pure and relaxed, deeply chic, craftsmanship is an integral part of the company’s DNA and its legacy. Further Talking about the Agnona collection the personification of Italian Luxury which elevates quality level of the fabrics meticulously designed and woven from exquisite yarns in exceptional tones, colors, and textures. This is Agnona’s inherent strength. The aim is to bring that luminous beauty into an unapologetically feminine collection,imagining the stylish women who have experienced Agnona and recrafting that notion into a collection for women of great style and taste of today.


Home furnishing

The luxurious expression of a long tradition of beautiful fabrics woven from merino wool, alpaca, camel and cashmere. The home furnishing also gives the essence of the made in Italy, as well as the chic subtle look.

The Home collection reflects the style, they are chic and elegant as well as made from the cashmere fabrics which are made with different colors and patterns, as the clothing industry is growing the agnona group is growing in home furnishing sector as well.