G-Star Raw Denim

Brand and streetwear company based in Amsterdam. The military inspiration pants of the company were introduced in the American market in 1998. They are characterized by a particular manufacturing technique that sees the use of torn cotton. In January 2003 the company was among the exhibitors at the 64th edition of Pitti Immagine. G-Star now has a branch office in New York and a showroom in Los Angeles. Penetration has also been strong in the Far East and in Germany, where there are five showrooms in total. G-Star Italy has its head office in Genoa.

G. Petochi

Roman jewelry. Located in Piazza di Spagna. Jewels, icons, high artisan’s craft silverware or ancient English, American, French, Italian and, in particular, Roman silver jewels, jades, and mosaics. Tiny ancient mosaics mounted on silver boxes, necklaces, broaches, bangles in their original frames. The passion for this minor form of art brought Domenico Petochi, one of the heirs of the brothers Giuseppe and Domenico, who in 1884 had opened their workshop in Via dei Pontefici, to deepen his research in order to publish a book entitled I mosaici minuti romani (Roman Tiny Mosaics). The art with very small colored tesseras has been typical of Rome since the mid 1700s until the end of 1800s, and drew its origins from the studio of the Reverenda Fabbrica of St. Peter. The subjects represented sites of remains, landscapes of the Roman countryside inspired to ancient prints, to paintings and still lives or flowers, birds and butterflies, in which the artist could express himself more freely. Most of the Petochi’s Collection is exhibited in the Vatican City. In the small palazzo in Piazza di Spagna, on the left of the stairs of Trinità dei Monti, where it has been since 1942, the jewel’s boutique continues its business along the path traced out in 1928, when from a simple artisan’s laboratory it turned into an atelier of jewels.

G.B. Pedrini

Brand of ready-to-wear. It began with the opening of a first store in Varese in 1986. The entrepreneurial idea, based on a complete range of products sold at reasonable prices, was such an immediate success that in the same year 20 more stores were opened in Italy, some owned by the company but most of them franchises. It was precisely through franchising that the brand developed. The firm was acquired by Gruppo Incom in 1994. At present there are 200 points-of-sale in Italy. The company is active in Europe and in Southeast Asia.

G.F.S. Fabric

Italian clothing company. It produces and distributes the SubDued brand, a descendent of the earlier Absolute brand which during the 1990s had been a true cult object for the trendiest teenagers in Rome and Milan. The company’s philosophy, which is always and exclusively aimed at a young public, is based on interpreting the most significant contemporary trends, although without exacerbating them, anticipating the needs of young people. A strong point is the sobriety of the colors and fabrics, with precise cutting and great wearability. In May 2000, two new stores were opened for children from 0 to 12 years, in the heart of the Parioli neighborhood in Rome and in the Magenta area in Milan.


Wool or cotton diagonal fabric. Also refers to an overcoat made with this fabric. In 1902, Thomas Burberry registered the name as a brand and since then, along with the Burberry brand, it is practically synonymous with raincoat.


Youth movement of the 1990s, in the milieu of rave parties, in Holland. Groups of gabbers have also formed in Italy, especially in the north, where they have chosen their cult locations: the former Dylan in Coccaglio (Brescia) and the Gheodrome in Rimini. There are estimated to be around 20,000 members and, considering the many Internet sites dedicated to this “culture,” the figure is believable. The average age is between 13 and 23, and, like many other youth movements, the members can be distinguished by their adopted uniform: Lonsdale button-neck jerseys, Nike shoes, tight jeans or Australian tracksuits, leather jackets, and baseball caps, in addition to the indispensable T-“shirts of their favorite artists (Rotterdam Terror Corps or DJ Paul). Number one in their interests is, of course, music, especially the frenzied and deafening rhythms of hardcore and techno. Boys have shaved heads. The girls wear their hair long on top and very short below. The hard core members of the movement are called warriors and are recognizable by their colored tufts of hair and numerous piercings.

Gabriella Bellenghi

High fashion atelier opened in Florence in 1933 and closed in 1964. Gabriella, the dressmaker who gave her name to the atelier, was famous for modeling the dress directly on the body and would use the most valuable and sought-after materials. Her evening dresses were often inspired by ancient costumes.